Max by Lovense. Revolutionizing male masturbators.

Max 2
Revolutionizing Male Masturbators!

Designed For Your Pleasure

Original, Multiple-Sensation Sleeve Extended Vibrator 360-Degree Contractions
再充電可能 体に安全 Bluetoothワイヤレス

360-Degree Contractions

Adjustable air vent allows you to control the suction!

Unique Sensations!

Remote-controlled sex toys allow you to customize your vibration levels.

Accommodates most sizes and stimulates while you stroke.

The texture of Max's sleeve is designed to stimulate you while you stroke in an out.

Vagina Sleeve Available

Max's sleeve can accommodate more than 95% of men.

Option to purchase a Vagina Sleeve (at an additional cost) on our Store page!

The texture of Max's sleeve is designed to stimulate you while you stroke in an out.

Our innovative software makes Max 2 one of the most realistic Male Masturbators:


Use your smartphone as a remote control.


Have someone else control your toy from miles away.


Sync with Nora or another Max/Max 2 and the toys will react to each other's movements.

Control the vagina contraction and vibration settings

Vibration Settings

Low Medium High Pulse
Wave Fireworks Earthquake

Contraction Settings

Subtle Mild Deep

Compare us to the most popular male sex toys:

特徴 Max by Lovense
Max 2

By Lovense

Can interact with other sex toys (Max/Max 2 or Nora)



2011 - 本製品の初代男性用アダルトグッズは、2011年に初めて開発されました。スマートフォン技術のアイデアを得て、男性用アダルトグッズとしては最高級品の開発に取り組みました。本製品は女性用アダルトグッズに繋ぐことができ、ユーザーの動きに基づき信号を送ることができました。ただ、不運なことに本製品の女性バージョンは開発フェーズより進むことがなかったため、初となる男性用アダルトグッズがほとんど市場に出回ることはありませんでした。

2013 - 二代目はLovenseブランドとなり、2013年に初めてIndieGogoを通じて販売されました。以前に開発されたデザインに加え、最高級の男性用アダルトグッズを作るためにスマートフォン技術を統合しました。これは、スマートフォンアプリからの操作が可能となった、初の男性用マスターベーター製品です。本製品の空気ポンプデザインは、この年にリリースされたマスターベーションスリーブの中で、最も関心を寄せた製品の一つです。

2017 - Improving Max has been a continuous process since its launch. Yearly upgrades have included hardware/software updates, changes to the casing, sleeve specs, water resistance, charging processes, vibration strengths, the introduction of an air vent, sensor improvements, and packaging.

2019 - The release of Max 2 is a huge achievement for us! We’ve not only improved the performance and hardware-related features inside the toy even further, we’ve completely changed the exterior as well. As a result of constant research, feedback, and updates, Max 2 now has an improved sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and a redesigned vibrator. Add ALL of that to an easier charging process, longer battery life, and extra-improved sensors. This newest addition to the Lovense teledildonic line is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

Max by Lovense dimensions.

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